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RemoSync utilizes Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocols, IMAP Push, and it allows enterprises and SMBs the capability to push Email, Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks directly onto their employee phones (regular cell phones, smart phones, tablets) from Microsoft exchange (2003 SP2, 2007, 2010), IBM Lotus Notes (8.5.1 and later versions), Hotmail, Windows Live, Zimbra, Gmail, and Google Apps servers in real time. Personal email can be accessed through POP3, or IMAP4 mail servers. The mobile phone directly connects to the servers eliminating the need for proxy servers or expensive NOC systems. This application is targeted for large enterprises, small-to-medium businesses, government agencies, and professional consumers that need a secure and affordable solution. RemoSync is introduced as Corporate Email at Verizon Wireless, SideKick Sync at T-Mobile, RemoSync Business Email at AT&T, and RemoSync Business Email at Google's Android Market Place.

iPhonebook provides the SMB administrator the capability to remotely manage the contacts and calendar on the employee mobile handsets through Matsya Mobile's unique Admin web console. Admin can customize access privileges for each employee such as Call Restriction, Personal Contact Sync, and association with specific Groups or Subgroups. Matsya Mobile protects the integrity of the phone content with its unique data wipe feature and SSL encryption. iPhonebook is finding widespread use in many vertical niches in the market, particularly the companies with extensive field work force. Public utilities, fire and police departments, construction companies, retail delivery services, pollution control services, etc. are all finding Matsya Mobile solutions simple to use, cost effective and operational efficient.

DesktopSync Contacts application gives your phone unlimited access to all your contacts from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, or Windows Mail. So every contact you could ever need, whenever you could possibly need it, is available – instantly, wirelessly, and painlessly. With your own online web account at hosted Matsya Mobile servers, you can manage your contacts by features such as add, edit, delete, or select for download. All of your contacts are securely backed up and they can be restored to new phone. DesktopSync has cutting-edge safety features such as Data Wipe and Lock wiping out the contacts and locking the phone with the siren turned-on, Find Your Phone - locating the mobile device on the map.

Matsya Mobileckup is a secure, scheduled backup service that stores your contacts from your mobile phone on a secured server and restores your contacts back to your phone when requested. Customers can also access and manage their contacts through secure web access and the contact database on the phone can be remotely wiped off when the phone is lost or stolen. Matsya Mobileckup is also an integrated contact solution. Customers can download contacts from Google, Yahoo, and from desktop Outlook. Phone can also be located via online web access whenever lost or stolen.

RemoMail is an inexpensive and comprehensive email application for consumers. RemoMail provides up to 5 individual POP3 and IMAP4 email accounts with real-time push. Desktop Outlook functionality features such as Read, Reply, Reply All, Compose, Delete, Search, Folder management, accessing native contacts during compose, etc are implemented.