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Manage unlimited Outlook Contacts and Calendar lists

  • Admin Control — Manage Contacts, Calendar, Groups, sets Privileges
  • Lock Down — Restrict usage of phone to the Authorized Contact List
  • Auto Sync — Dual Synchronization between Phone, and Remoba Server
  • Contact Limit — Unlimited Personal, Corporate Contacts or Groups
  • Calendar — Add, Edit (includes off-line), View Events Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • Meetings — Schedule, Invite, and Track; Appointment Reminders
  • Security — SSL support for Data Transmissions, Login and Automatic Logout
  • Poison Pill — Wipes all the Contacts, Calendar once Phone is Lost or Stolen
  • Dispatch — Updating of Contacts, Events, Messages to Employee Phones
  • Stability — Very Easy to Use, and Faster Wireless Access
Targeting Small and Medium Businesses (SMB's)

iPhonebook is a breakthrough application that gives small and medium sized business administrator capability to manage their employee handsets directly from the office by simple internet access. Your business can provide vital up-to-the minute contact and calendar information to your employees simply and efficiently.

Extending Outlook Functionality

With the introduction of Corporate Contact and Calendar accounts, small and medium businesses have a new wireless collaboration tool on their mobile phones allowing remote management of workgroup contacts, and calendar events for their mobile workforce. With the latest edition of iPhonebook, your mobile phone can access not only your personal contacts but also your business contacts. With group granularity you will have access only to your pertinent contacts. In addition you can add your personal contacts and have the ability to access both personal and business contacts on your phone. You may also edit your personal contacts (Add, Delete, or Modify) directly on your phone and sync these changes to your desktop contact list.

In addition, you can view your entire calendar from your mobile phone. You can search calendar for appointments or events by date or event name from your phone. iPhonebook has six weeks of your calendar cache available on your phone for viewing or managing your events off-line when no data coverage is available. iPhonebook not only allows you to add, edit and delete events from your phone, but to invite others to your meetings by email or SMS messages. You can check schedules of members of your corporate group for open dates and conflicts before scheduling your event using your mobile phone.

Introducing new levels of Phone Management and Security

The Phone Lockdown feature limits the calls that an employee can make or receive. Calls are restricted to the authorized contact list uploaded to the phone. This limits the potential abuse of the phone from making unauthorized or inappropriate calls. Additional phone security features in iPhonebook include a Poison Pill command that erases the contents of a phone upon the command of an administrator. This feature eliminates the loss of company information if a phone is lost or if an employee is leaving the company.

See how easy it is to get started with iPhonebook

Just contact Remoba at the Remoba web site www.Remoba.com to set up an Administrator account and follow the simple Quick Start Guide.. For individuals, just register as a Remoba member, and follow the Remoba quick setup guide for personal accounts and have every number and Email address you’ll ever need - when and where you need it.