Remoba is a leading developer of high-value, and affordable mobile messaging software applications for regular cell phones, smart phones, and tablets. Remoba is a technology leader in implementing Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) protocols in various operating systems such as Brew, J2ME, Danger, Linux, and Android onto a multitude of everyday cell phones and smart phones. Remoba applications have been deployed for over six years with major carriers across many countries and they can also be pre-installed onto cell phones, and smart phones. Remoba wireless applications enable everyday mobile phones to manage productivity applications. Important information, such as business or personal email, contacts and calendar can be viewed and managed. Remoba’s product span reaches from consumers to small and medium businesses (SMB) to enterprise customers.

Remoba provides Hosted Service with significant investment in secured server infrastructure. Remoba has award winning products, testimonial to strong engineering strengths in multiple disciplines such as Java, Brew, J2ME, Linux, Android, Windows Mobile, Sync, and database technologies.