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Supported Phones



  • Access up to five Email accounts (Office Mail, Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, etc). 
  • Real-time Push  or Periodic Sync for IMAP email accounts includes Gmail, AOL, etc.
  • Periodic Sync for POP3 email account includes Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.
  • One account is supported with Real-time Push, or Periodic Sync at any given time.  Other four email accounts are supported with Manual Pull.
  • Popular internet accounts are pre-configured – simply enter Username, Password.
  • Desktop Functionality: Read, Reply, Reply All, Forward, Send, Compose, Delete, Undelete, Drafts, Outbox, Groups, Search IMAP mails by subject, sender or date, Quick Messages, Predictive Text Entry, Custom Signature
  • Integration of Phone Contacts, Save Incoming Email Addresses to Phone Contacts
  • Security: SSL, Security PIN, Remote Data Wipe when the Phone is Lost or Stolen
  • Web Interface:  Push the account setup information to the phone, Remote Data Wipe
Targeting Consumers

Using your mobile phone, you can read, compose, search, reply, reply all, forward and delete emails just like you would do form the personal computer. Connect to both your business and personal accounts (up to 5 accounts), and use up to 50 configurable "quick replies".

Extending RemoMail functionality

With advanced Search capability users have a virtual window into their IMAP email accounts, assuring them that all data available on their desktop is also available on their mobile phone.

Flexible and easy to use

While alternatives require expensive data plans, RemoMail uses wireless plan minutes, allowing access to essential contact information at a minimal cost. Now users can manage their everyday business activities directly from their mobile phone without cost prohibitive proprietary devices and IT infrastructure modifications. RemoMail is a simple-to-deploy, secure, wireless application, downloaded from your mobile phone service provider.

RemoMail is easy to set up

Just download it to your phone like any ring tone or game, and go through the easy setup process to enter username and password.

For your business email, you can enter IMAP address, SMTP address and whether or not SSL security needs to be activated. Supports corporate firewall, reverse proxy configurations, SSL, and can also be tailored for additional layers of security.