DesktopSync Contacts application gives your phone unlimited access to all your contacts from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, or Windows Mail. So every contact you could ever need, whenever you could possibly need it, is available – instantly, wirelessly, and painlessly.

With your own online web account at hosted Remoba servers, you can manage your contacts by features such as add, edit, delete, or select for download. All of your contacts are securely backed up and they can be restored to new phone.

DesktopSync has cutting-edge safety features:

Data Wipe and Lock – After Login using your online web account, by simply clicking on "Data Wipe & Lock," all the contact data on the phone gets wiped out and it locks the phone with the siren turned-on. The siren goes off only when the Login details such as email address, password are re-entered. The phone can't be used by anyone unless they know the user's Login details.

Find Your Phone - After login using your online web account, click on "Find your Mobile," it locates the mobile device and shows you on the map.

It is easy to setup and get started with DesktopSync Contacts application:

1. From your PC, go to www.remoba.com and Login.
2. From the 'Contacts' screen, download the Sync Software to your PC, click on "Download Now".
3. Once installed, follow the setup wizard to sync your Outlook contacts from PC to Remoba servers.
4. After contacts are synchronized, select 'Sync Contacts' on the mobile device.
5. Manage your contacts online using your web account.